World Environment Day, June 5
World Environment Day, June 5

Today, June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day with a sustainable innovation: our ECO trolley!

The ECO trolley from Ricambi Lavanderia by Techno Service is conceived with a revolutionary idea: to allow the reuse of the product by replacing only the damaged parts, thus allowing you to purchase only what is necessary.

Choosing the ECO trolley means opting for a more sustainable future, where "renew or repair" is the watchword. Change the parts, not the product!

The ECO trolley is made of 100% recyclable materialsand is the first of its kind that allows you to replace individual pieces, ensuring long life and reducing waste. It is perfect for high-flow and acid-resistant aerial handling.

Join us in promoting sustainable and responsible choice. Every small gesture counts for a better future.

Product code: MGJSJRL059

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