Techno Service Assistance SRL is born
Techno Service Assistance SRL is born

Techno Service Assistance SRL: the technical assistance service for industrial laundries by Techno Service.

Complete assistance in terms of technical competence, professionalism, seriousness thanks to the help of highly professional technicians who offer a complete, fast and punctual service: this is Techno Service Assistance!

For over twenty years we have been offering maintenance of industrial machinery for laundries: spare parts, repairs, overhauls and more.

Beside selling spare laundry parts by Techno Service, TS-Assistance will provide manpower and intervention to solve repair and overhaul problems.

Our staff is composed of specialized technicians able to solve problems of various nature that may be present in industrial laundries, we are in fact able to solve pneumatic, mechanical and electrical problems on machinery of any brand and model.

We care about our customers, that’s why we decided to open the technical assistance service that will allow us to support them in all maintenance and repair services.

We guarantee a fast and punctual service to offer the continuity of the production cycle and avoid stopping machinery for too long. In this regard we always try to study special solutions by providing scheduled maintenance so as to keep the status monitored of wear and tear of machinery. We replace the parts before the machinery stops, thus avoiding economic and production damage to our customers.

A complete and highly professional service aimed at ensuring real added value for the customer going to simplify life as much as possible.

The technicians of Techno Service Assistance are also responsible for handling and assembling the machinery of industrial laundries, carrying out repairs both directly at the customer’s place and at our headquarters.

The assistance comes from the need to be closer to customers by offering them services as well as products, and we guarantee their satisfaction by offering complete and effective assistance.


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